Vertical Farming

Accelerate access to honest food

Nowadays, most of our food travels more than 1500 km from farm to fork, making it hard to be fresh due to pests, harsh weather or disease. Besides that the world has to deal with a fast-growing population and increasingly crowded cities. Obviously, something has to change because we cannot continue expanding boundlessly over the Earth’s surface.

Why is vertical farming a solution to a global challenge we all face today?

We already know that Vertical Farming will play a huge role in the future of a sustainable, independent food production and supply chain. By being able to grow efficiently indoors, all year round, pesticide free and close to consumers, in a completely controlled environment, we will reduce waste and obtain a much lower carbon footprint.

By giving growers full control over their crops through our unique Vertical Farming solution, we empower them to produce climate-independently and healthier products/crops while at the same time taking less from the planet and giving more to the people, without compromising our productivity.

We believe food scarcity globally can be eliminated, among others using Indoor or Vertical Farming, which is less time-consuming and much more efficient than traditional farming, thanks to the controlled environment.

Accelerate access to honest food

Honest food means regenerative, scalable, consistent, healthy and affordable food. Enabled by technology but with human intentions and values, being fair to people and the planet.

The way we grow food as well as the global food supply chain, need to be revolutionized in order for us to start moving towards a sustainable future.

Our Vertical Farming solution will allow reparation of the ecosystem’s integrity and enhance sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, which results in better provision of food, goods, and services to support human well-being.

What do you win?

    • Stable crop yields

    • Fresh & healthy food

    • Crop yields all year long

    • More efficient land use

    • Increase in profits

    • Local production of crops

What does the planet win?

    • Reduce waste

    • Reduce water consumption

    • Reduce carbon footprint

    • Less habitat destruction

    • Better preservation of biodiversity

You are our partner, not our client

We want to disrupt our industry and we fully understand that we can only achieve our goals through sustainable exponential growth.

For us this also means an even bigger focus on sustainability, on quality and on collaboration. Our company fully embraces the need for a circular economy and we understand that we need to develop our solutions and services in a way that is regenerative, restorative, or reusable.

Maximize efficiency, minimize costs

Our 45 years of horticultural experience taught us that growing on the ground is inefficientWe make your investment into our Vertical Farming systems worth spending by providing quality equipment, with long term support and upgrade possibilities. To make things even more easy, you can find hardware and advanced software all under one roof.

Our focus has remained unchanged over the years: delivering purposeful innovation that adds real value to our customer’s business and that helps contribute to a better world.

Design your ideal Layout

Curious if our system works for your vertical farm or production facility?

See for yourself how easy it is to configure your own ideal layout.


The technology that helps us do more, with much less resources and with much less waste.

Our customers often face different challenges because of different crops,  geographic locations, labor costs, production volumes and much more.

Together with the grower, our sales engineers and process engineers go through all the major challenges facing the production facility and design the best and most efficient system possible.

Most often the key focus points when designing a system are:

  • reducing waste
  • high crop quality and consistency
  • hygiene 
  • production capacity
  • minimizing labor costs
  • creating better labor conditions
  • achieving higher productivity per m2

  • no production bottlenecks

The Greencube is the innovative, sustainable solution for your reliable and cost effective system. 

We know that profitability is important and we can help you achieve that with your greencube vertical cultivation system by using our lightweight bench design that is also configurable by size ( depending on crop requirements) and the  automated 2D Shuttles and vertical transporters. No other equipment or always-on sensors are needed for the greencube. ( BUY SMART TO SAVE ON MAINTENANCE COSTS)

The Logiqs Vertical Farm is scalable because of modular design. This unique multi-layer system allows growers to maximize the space they have and grow their crops closer to consumers, close to urban areas.

Because of the flexible system design, you can start with a small system and increase your facility’s capacity in phases as demand ramps up. ( START SMALL DREAM BIG )

The design process for our machines follows several focus points:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Long term support for parts and integrated software support
  • System modularity
  • Low environmental impact

Innovative, modular, scalable, reliable, high yield, sustainable

The UN states that food production needs to increase by around 60% until 2050 in order to feed the growing global population. If we continue with agriculture as we have done so far we’ll run out of agricultural land by then.


  • No need to transport food due to its direct location
  • Adapt the type of production to the current needs 
  • Quick access to honest and fresh food
  • Better automation and adaptation of post industrial buildings
  • The possibility of implementing new solutions in the field of bio architecture and agro-urban planning
  • Accessibility to honest fresh food
  • Improving the health and quality of life by eliminating pollution, artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Creating a new human-friendly space in the city, supporting environmental education
  • Enriching and diversifying modern eco-cities
  • Sustainable agricultural growth without exploiting natural ecosystems
  • Protection of natural areas against extensive agricultural use
  • Sustainable and honest food production
  • Contribute to the ecosystem services by mitigating climate change
  • Saving water needed, preventing the loss of rainwater
  • Eliminating the effect of the UHI ( Urban heat island )

We are:


With you and our products.


With the plants and their growing environments.


About your needs and what the world needs.


Of the innovative products we make for 45 years together with our customers/partners.


For our planet, for our partners/customers and for each other.

1. Buy smart to save on maintenance costs

2. Maximize efficiency and minimize costs 

3. Choose your crops carefully

4. Use smart technology

5. Be proactive

6. Ask questions

7. Engage the experts

8. Don’t be afraid to collaborate

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