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What is Vertical Farming?

Agriculture is making a huge shift in the direction of sustainability, and thankfully so. We feel that Vertical Farming will play a huge role in the future of a sustainable food production and supply chain.
By being able to grow efficiently indoors, pesticide free and close to consumers, Vertical Farming will be able to free up valuable cultivation land for other crops. This might also lead to fewer natural habitats being converted to agricultural land in the following decades.

Local and honest

By giving growers full control over their crops through our unique Vertical Farming solution, we empower them to produce more reliable and predictable crops while at the same time reducing waste.
An automated vertical farm furthermore allows growers to grow pesticide free crops locally, close to the consumer, leading to a much lower carbon footprint.

Grow your facility

The Logiqs Vertical Farm is scalable because of modular design. This unique multi-layer system allows growers to maximize the space they have and grow their crops closer to consumers, close to urban areas.
Because of the flexible system design, you can start with a small system and increase your facility’s capacity in phases as demand ramps up.

How does it work?

At Logiqs we develop and produce automated, AI-driven Automated Vertical Farming systems. These systems are fully automated, allowing growers to focus their energy and attention to the crop. Our innovative 2D-Shuttles and Vertical Transporters ensure the logistics within the vertical farm, while our proprietary software uses advanced algorithms to manage the vertical farm automatically and control inbound and outbound plant bench transfers without the need for user interference for each individual machine operation.
Task priority, task scheduling, reorganize tasks as well as complex transport plans can all be easily controlled using our intelligent control and registration software.

Why Vertical Farming?

Reducing waste and water

Vertical Farming reduces waste and the waste of water and nutrients. It also reduces end product waste as a result of bad production planning and uncontrollable climate influence.

We can use water ten times more efficiently when operating a Vertical Farming facility. Any crops can grow in water and in indoor environments also free valuable cultivable land that can be used for other crops that cannot be grown hydroponically. It also allows growers to grow crops without pesticides.

Better crops

Vertical Farming allows growers to make the most of their facility space through vertical use and automation, in the most hygienic way possible. By using a vertical system, you can grow a large diversity of crops in one facility, year-round. This accelerates the development of better crops with a higher energetic reward. Growers can adapt better to changing market conditions as well as experiment with new breeds of plants.

Impending shortage

The UN states that food production needs to increase by around 60% until 2050 in order to feed the growing global population. If we continue with agriculture as we have done so far we’ll run out of agricultural land by then.

Less resources

In Vertical Farming most production processes can be easily automated, reducing the waste of human resources to physically repetitive labor. There are also less resources needed for transporting produce over large distances. And thanks to our AI-driven software, less space and energy is needed for refrigerated storage of produce.

Reducing carbon footprint

Outside the greenhouse, natural conditions are most often inhospitable for plants because of fast changing weather conditions. By using Vertical Farming, growers can grow crops regardless of weather conditions, all year round. And they can grow closer to their consumers, reducing the carbon footprint of the crop.

Who is Logiqs?

A global player

Our industry leading solutions help our customers to achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

Our focus

Our focus has remained unchanged over the years: delivering purposeful innovation that adds real value to our customer’s business and that helps contribute to a better world.

Our mission

Purposeful automation: our aim is to design and build complete logistics systems that are modular, reliable and scalable.

Making a difference

We may be a small company from the Netherlands, but that never stops us from dreaming big. We believe that with our Vertical Farming systems we can truly make a difference in the use of valuable space and in reducing water, waste and the use of pesticides for our customers worldwide.

Logiqs knowhow

We’d like to learn how to grow plants better. That’s why we run our own Vertical Farming test center at our headquarters, which is focused on discovering the secrets of plants. This is how we learn what the most optimal conditions are for a plant to grow. And if the plant is happy, we are happy.

Logiqs Quality

At Logiqs we have over 45 years of horticultural experience. We make your investment into our Vertical Farming systems worth spending by providing quality equipment, with long term support and upgrade possibilities. To make things even more easy, you can find hardware and advanced software all under one roof.
Besides that, we care for our customers (who we actually mainly see as partners) and make sure this translates into our customer service.

Logiqs Community

Our goal is to create a forward thinking urban agricultural framework system that allows collaborative farming to become reality. Because we think that in order to create a healthier planet and its people, collaboration is most important. Together with our customers we’re building a community to share AI-driven crop recipes that improve with each crop. With an unprecedented number of datapoints that are collected we’ll achieve true plant mastery together. Will you join us?

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