Warehouse Automation


The intelligent storage-retrieval system


Are you looking for a cutting edge, automated warehousing and pallet storage solution that can help you scale your warehousing operation?

The logistics industry is moving faster than ever towards automation because of the ever growing need for efficiency and fast turnover. 

This is not only accelerated by the need for low operational costs and high efficiency, but also by the growing labor shortages and the need for undisrupted warehouse operations 24/7.

iCube – intelligent storage-retrival system

Our solution: The iCUBE AS/RS is designed from the ground-up to solve the challenges you are facing.

Our turnkey ASRS solution provides flexible storage for multiple types of pallets and allows the users to easily configure the storage and dispatching strategies of the warehouse. The system uses an array of 3D-Carriers and Lifts, making operation redundant by design, while also allowing the parallel fulfillment of inbound, outbound and order picking processes.

The system’s throughput can easily be increased by adding extra 3D-Carriers or lifts while the warehouse capacity can grow by adding additional racking. The operation of the iCUBE ASRS is also highly safe since forklifts do not have to enter the aisles, avoiding collisions in the rack structure and operational disruptions for the warehouse.

Dat-A-Logiqs Warehouse Execution Software

  • Dat-A-Control (WCS)
  • Dat-A-WMS 

Our software suite gives full control and unmatched flexibility to the warehouse operators, allowing them to fully automate operations and achieve the process flow they need for their operation.

The main advantages for you:

High-density storage without loss of flexibility.
A highly modular and scalable solution for automating the storage of palletized goods.
Highly safe operation compared to conventional warehouses, avoiding collisions and disruption.
No single point of failure – Robotic equipment that makes the operation redundant by design.
Intelligent software that allows the user to fully configure and automate the operation of the AS/RS.

Why should you choose the iCube AS/RS

In order to:

  • Achieve a higher efficiency, productivity and yield
  • Improve your warehousing capabilities in a future proof way
  • Gain more predictability and control over your warehouse
  • Scale up with your warehousing in both size and throughput easily when your business requires it

Simple and fast design process – Configurator

Quickly design your system and calculate your warehousing capacity

Get a budget quotation for your system in just a few days

Collaboratively design your layout together with Logiqs engineers

Run simulations of inbound and outbound

Download project views and 3d model

Design your AS/RS now using our configurator and you could get your warehouse up and running in less than 12 months

A few of the Industries the icube is suited for

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Manufacturing (both for raw materials and finished goods)
  • Third-party logistics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Retail (with pallet order picking)

Who we are

Logiqs has more than 45 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of internal transport and logistics systems.

Our industry leading solutions help our clients achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within their marketplace.

We make your investment into our systems worthwhile by providing quality equipment, with long term support and easy system upgrades in time.

We make sure that we keep learning and that with each design or upgrade, both our hardware and software keep improving.

Customers who’ve already chosen our solution

Also available for integrators

Logiqs collaborates closely with logistics integrators worldwide. If you are interested in integrating the iCUBE AS/RS into one of your projects, please get in touch with us.

Design your AS/RS

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