Dat-A-Control Software

The iCUBE is managed and controlled using our proprietary Dat-A-Control Software

This software package uses two main applications: Dat-A-Control and Dat-A-WMS.

Dat-A-Control automatically handles the machine movements and controls, while Dat-A-WMS handles the space and inventory management in the warehouse. 

Dat-A-WMS allows the operators to configure the storage strategy for each individual location in the iCUBE as well as prioritize between inbound, outbound and order picking.

Because of the codeless configurability, operators can customize the allocation logic of the system according to their business requirements.

Once the Dat-A-WMS has determined the allocation and/or fulfillment needs, Dat-A-Control then executes the tasks using advanced logistics algorithms that maximize the usage of the 3D-Carriers and Vertical Transporters.

The Dat-A-Control Software suite gives full control and unmatched flexibility to the warehouse operators, allowing them to fully automate operations and achieve the process flow they need for their operation.

The Dat-A-Control software communicates with external software through modern API’s permitting fast implementations with other ERP and WMS systems.

Unique Selling Points

Integrated System Architecture: The iCUBE AS/RS marries Dat-A-WMS and Dat-A-Control seamlessly, creating a unified environment for managing warehouse operations. Its API support enables straightforward integration for automated pallet handling, meeting specific operational needs.
Optimized Storage Management: Dat-A-WMS leverages advanced algorithms for strategic storage space management, handling inbound and outbound buffering efficiently, and autonomously managing buffer and picking spot replenishment, ensuring optimal space usage and streamlined operations.
Efficient Task Routing and Machine Allocation: Dat-A-Control’s multi-agent architecture ensures dynamic task allocation to machines and optimal routing paths, reducing material handling time and enhancing throughput by minimizing travel distances and wait times.
Adaptive Decision-Making Capabilities: The system’s rapid calculation and decision-making ability allow it to adapt continuously to changing operational conditions, ensuring peak efficiency and prompt response to new scenarios, thereby minimizing potential delays.
Intelligent 3D-Carrier Operations: The 3D-Carriers in the iCUBE AS/RS system autonomously determine the most efficient paths, including level switches or load transfers to other carriers, enhancing the speed and reliability of material handling.
Scalable and Forward-Thinking Design: The architecture of the iCUBE AS/RS is scalable and designed to meet future demands, ensuring that your investment remains effective and relevant as your business and industry evolve.
Customizable Control and Operation: Dat-A-Control’s flexibility allows for custom configurations to optimize carrier and lift behavior, ensuring efficiency and tailored operation for each specific warehouse layout.
Adaptable Warehouse Management System (WMS): Dat-A-WMS offers comprehensive customization options for inbound strategies and user-defined settings for each storage area, enabling a personalized approach to warehouse management and aligning automated decisions with operator preferences.
Enhanced Operator Control and Oversight: The customizable nature of Dat-A-Control and Dat-A-WMS empowers operators with control over automated processes, ensuring optimal efficiency tailored to the warehouse’s layout and operational strategies, and providing tools for dynamic system adjustment.
Scalability and Personalization: The system’s inherent flexibility and customizability make it a scalable, adaptive logistics solution, capable of evolving with the changing needs of the business, ensuring a long-term, value-driven solution.

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