Design Co-Creation

With the help of our 3D Configurator you are able to convert all your wishes and ideas into a 3D design.

How does it work?

We developed this tool specifically for our customers to quickly iterate on the design of their warehouse layout. With just a click you can request a quote for your designs or assistance from a Logiqs sales engineer. 

This online tool drastically speeds up our quotation times and capacity allowing us to quickly quote layouts submitted by our customers and partners worldwide.

This also allows us to collaborate efficiently with our partners and end-customers remotely during the layout design stage of the project.

The role of co-creation in our design process:


  • Allows us to focus on the product development and bringing new innovations to life
  • It allows us to leverage the user experience and know-how to collaboratively create more efficient logistics systems than ever before
  • Helps us structurally lower engineering requirements for each product leading to lower costs and shorter lead times for our systems

We expect that this 3D tool will streamline the quoting stage, the design/configuration stages as well as the engineering and commissioning processes.

This allows us to offer our customers better lead times for projects with even more competitive prices than before.

See for yourself just how easy it is to design your warehouse, register your free account and start designing.

Design your AS/RS

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