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Are you looking for a smart, flexible and high-quality farming solution for your medicinal crops?

Growing medicinal cannabis is a challenging business on its own.

Creating the perfect growing conditions requires careful planning and attention to details to ensure the plants are able to thrive.

Adding extra complexity by operating most of the production processes manual, will only damage the quality of the crops and the profitability of the business. 

Streamlining production processes through intelligent automation will leave the grower with more time to focus on the plants.

Automating various aspects of the growing process will ensure that the plants are receiving the ideal conditions on a consistent basis. This can be particularly important for medicinal cannabis, where consistent dosing, reduced plant stress and final product quality are important considerations.


From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we operate globally and we advise, design, produce and install complete mobile growing systems for growers specialized in: cannabis, potted plants, cut flowers, tree nurseries, flower bulbs and vegetables. 

We have more than 45 years of experience and know-how gained in the horticulture industry, helping our clients achieve a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

Upgrading your grow facility to a smart farming solution will help you solve most of the challenges your grow room now face.

We know that the health of the plant determines the yield of your business

Because our mission is to create sustainable and precision agriculture, our mobile growing systems are designed to provide the perfect growing conditions for your crops. That means precise control over temperature, humidity, lighting, irrigation and nutrients.

Unbalanced or uneven environmental conditions can stress the plants and affect their growth and development.

Maintaining the proper relative humidity level is important for preventing mold and mildew growth and ensuring that the plants have access to the right amount of water and absorb nutrients efficiently.

The nutrient feeds need to always be well balanced in order to make the plant thrive and plenty of light is required that alternates with periods of darkness. 

And precise watering is crucial for the health and growth of your crop. The substrate should be kept consistently moist, but not waterlogged, to prevent root rot and other problems. Water PH is also extremely important, especially when growing without soil.


The first and most simple step to envision your ideal facility is to design your own layout using our 3D Configurator tool

Adding automation to your existing growing facility or building a new one, doesn’t have to be a disruptive process. 

Our goal is to fully understand the growers needs and ambitions, and when needed, long term phase plans can be made where the grower can fully understand how his growing system can be upgraded in time.

Growing your crops on Logiqs mobile growing systems will protect your investment while being able to efficiently respond to any market changes. 


Our state of the art technology allows you to start with a manual system that will improve productivity and working conditions, and while your business grows and the plants grow healthy and happy, you can add extra automation in phases. 

A manual growing system using mobile benches already offers growers a great deal of flexibility and added value, at an affordable cost level. 

Because of the flexible and modular design, our growing systems  open up a world of possibilities for future automation of production processes, internal transport, irrigation and expansions. 

Different bench inlays options are available, from growing gutters to poles and trellis systems for support of nets, but also with different irrigation valves.

One of the greatest benefits of using a mobile growing system is the fact that all production processes can be efficiently organized in one work-area serving the entire facility.

By using an automated mobile grow system and a centralized working area, working conditions are improved dramatically while also increasing efficiency.

Worker interaction with the crop in the grow area is reduced dramatically and all the major production processes happen in one specialized area.



Our growing benches with gutter inlay are one of the most efficient and simple ways of boosting your crop quality, through better crop ventilation. 

The system provides unmatched air circulation, therefore offering the plants what they need, a perfect climate for growing. 

The gutter inlay allows for easy irrigation and drainage of the plants. It collects excess water, which can be drained or recycled as needed. This helps to prevent waterlogging and ensures that the plants have access to the right amount of moisture, eliminating the root rot and mildew issue typical for medicinal cannabis.

Growing your crop on mobile benches can help prevent diseases and pests from spreading between plants because of the improved hygiene conditions in the facility.


The cost of providing the right environment is the same whether you are utilizing 50% of the space or if every square inch is covered with plants. Using growing benches is gonna improve your grow facility space utilization by 90%.

The growing benches provide for your crop an improved air-flow under them, leading to overall better energy efficiency for heating/cooling the grow facility. This can help prevent diseases and pests from spreading between plants.

Maximizing space usage efficiency is very important in keeping production costs down and maximizing profits and the easiest way to do it is by upgrading your current facility with mobile grow systems.


Just one 2D-Shuttle replaces dozens of conventional fixed push-pull systems

Consistency is a key feature for growing medicinal cannabis, and that can be obtained by separating the grow area from the work area and at the same time facilitating a fast reliable transport flow of the mobile benches to and from the work area. 

Our 2D-Shuttles are a revolution in the greenhouse automation industry. The 2D-Shuttle can move the individual benches according to the transport tasks assigned by the grower and can switch rows independent of other machines.

Just one 2D-Shuttle replaces dozens of conventional fixed push-pull systems and can automate entire hectares of crop in certain situations.

The most versatile all in one automated irrigation solution 

Because of the full software integration with Dat-A-Control, irrigation can be done on an individual container basis and automated with irrigation plans for individual plant lots, giving the grower more control over the crops.

More than 20 years of constant development have made Dat-A-Control the leading software solution for the control of a mobile growing system and for advanced plant registration, even from a mobile phone.

Convert all your wishes and ideas into a 3D design with the help of our 3D Configurator

Experiment with different layouts, create multiple design iterations, calculate production capacity, all while seamlessly collaborating with our sales engineers in order to find the best logistics solution for your medicinal crops facility

If you would like to quickly configure the 3D layout of your new grow facility, use our free 3D Configurator to bring your vision to reality. 

And whenever you’re ready, you can get in touch with our Sales Engineers to discuss your layout or you can request a quote for your system.

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