At Logiqs, we’re passionate about technology thatcan help create a better tomorrow. Technology that helps us do more, with much less resources and with much less waste.

Logiqs system and process design

Our customers often face different challenges because of different crops,  geographic locations, labor costs, production volumes and much more.

Together with the grower, our sales engineers and process engineers go through all the major challenges facing the production facility and design the best and most efficient system possible.

Most often the key focus points when designing a system are:
  • reducing waste
  • high crop quality and consistency
  • hygiene
  • production capacity
  • minimizing labor costs
  • creating better labor conditions
  • achieving higher productivity per m2
  • no production bottlenecks

Logiqs hardware

Our automation equipment has never stopped evolving and with each project we deliver, we try to improve the existing design and deliver better hardware.

The design process for our machines follows several focus points:
  • Durability and reliability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Long term support for parts and integrated software support
  • System modularity
  • Low environmental impact

Logiqs software

In the field of greenhouse logistics automation, we were the first to deliver full software integration for our automated benching systems.

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Dat-A-Control is the result of more than 20 years of developments made possible by working closely with some of the most successful greenhouse growers in the world.

At Logiqs we always look at ways of getting better and this applies to both our products as well as our internal development processes.  We do our best to develop software and design hardware that works seamlessly and that exceed expectations.

Continuous product development

We never stop iterating on the designs of our machines and logistics systems. With each project we deliver, we review the process and the results and focus on any improvement opportunities that have surfaced.

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This permanent development process is something that is very close to our core values as an organization. 

The same goes for our software. With our inhouse team of talented software developers, we try to constantly improve the way our systems work and make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Design your Greenhouse

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