Controlled Environment Module

The perfect machine for doing growing trials. Exactly the same conditions every time.

CEM Advantages

Homogeneous climate and light:
• Temperature difference is less than 0.5 ⁰C (*).
• Relative humidity difference is less than 0.5% (*).
• Light homogeneity is more than 90% (*).
* On the same height level

Flexible setting:
• Temperature between 15 and 28 ⁰C.
• Humidity between 50% and 90%.
• Far red, red, white and blue can be set independently.

Easy to work with:
• Wheels and size make it easy to move.
• Only a connection to 230 Vac, water and ethernet/WIFI needed.

Fully closed grow room:
• Independent of environment light and climate.
• Transpiration an CO2 uptake can be measured real time.

Normal operation

During irrigation

How CEM works

Once the bench is in position, the top descends onto it, sealing the CEM from external climate and light.
Air moves up from below the plants, through the canopy, to ceiling.
Inside the ceiling it passes and cools the LED light fixtures.

The air is then climatized in the climate box to the set conditions and goes down through the air intake.
Below the plants the air moves between a waterproof insert and tiles with holes and spikes that are a bit above the insert.

The air goes up through small holes that are evenly distributed.
The plants are positioned on small knobs, allowing air to spread beneath them and then move upward between the plants.

Two factors contribute to a 15% airspeed difference between holes: suction from fast-moving horizontal air balancing extra pressure near the air inlet, and the small hole size creating an air-chamber effect.
Irrigation can be done with ebb flow. With flood there is no air circulation.


Each CEM has an onboard computing module:
   – Temperature
   – Humidity
  – Air speed
  – CO2
Light (4 separate channels):
  – 440nm Blue
  – wide White
  – 660nm Red
  – 739nm Far-red
Irrigation (not always included):
  – pH
  – EC
  – Flow rates:
    Ebb flow with set interval
    Continuous flowing shallow water

Why Vertical Airflow

The CEM uses air that moves up through the plants.

This has the following advantages for the plants:
It allows for a higher humidity level, because the transpiration gets moved away:
  – This keeps the stomata open, causing higher CO2 uptake and thus higher photosynthesis
  – Without the increased risk of diseases

All leaves of the plants get fresh air:
  – The humidity does not get too high near the lower leaves
  – The CO2 level stays high near the stomata
  – All leaves stay active
  – There is no build-up of ethylene

The temperature and humidity level is static during the growth of the
plant. Leaves that were built for a certain humidity level stay in this
humidity level during growth.

CEM Properties

Climate range

Led lights

Power consumption

A single module has a peak power consumption of 2,5 kW. The average usage is 1 kW.
It can be connected to a standard 230 Vac outlet with a 16A fuse.



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