Automated Solutions

Our 45 years of horticultural experience taught us that growing on the ground is inefficient.
That’s why, from the very beginning, we focused on flexible and efficient mobile benching systems. From there, we quickly became one of the first companies in the world to design and build automated rolling bench systems, to now becoming one of the industry leaders.
Our systems allow growers to automate most production processes, which simplifies the facility logistics. Growers are therefore able to focus more on the plants.

Who is Logiqs?

A global player

Our industry leading solutions help our customers to achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

Our focus

Our focus has remained unchanged over the years: delivering purposeful innovation that adds real value to our customer’s business and that helps contribute to a better world.

Our mission

Purposeful automation: our aim is to design and build complete logistics systems that are modular, reliable and scalable.

Some of our work

Out of the box thinking

We always try to question our existing beliefs regarding technology and find even more efficient ways of solving our customers’ production challenges. As a practical example, this is why we invented the shuttle benching systems, a solution that replaced inefficient fixed automation solutions, while giving growers much more flexibility at the same time.
So, whenever we have the opportunity to deliver more value to our customers for a lower price, then we know we’re onto something good.

Logiqs knowhow

At Logiqs we try to leverage our experience and knowhow in such a way as to ensure that the investments our customers make when installing a Logiqs system are sustainable and worthwhile ones.
We do this by delivering proven quality equipment, with long term support and upgrade possibilities.
The long term support and upgrade possibilities are some of the many advantages to us having both hardware and software design, all under one roof.

Industry Applications

Rolling bench cleaning

Rolling bench cleaning

Rolling bench cleaning and disinfectionOptimal hygiene for your grow surface. The possibility to fully automate the cleaning of the growing surface is another huge advantage of using a Logiqs rolling bench system. The work area of the greenhouse can be fitted with a...

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Overhead transporters

Overhead transporters

Overhead transportersThe Overhead and 3D (X/Y) transporters produced by Logiqs streamline the transport of both empty and full plant containers and have been successfully implemented in countless greenhouses and plant nurseries throughout the world. Overhead...

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Automated irrigation

Automated irrigation

Automated irrigationSavings on labor costs and on water and feeds. The irrigation boom for both watering and spraying. The Automatic Irrigation Booms from Logiqs are the most versatile all in one irrigation solution available today. Available with a full software...

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