Pixel Growlight Building Block


Homogeneous light with full control. The ideal grow lights for Climate chambers and Greenhouses.

FLORAPXL Growlight Advantages

Homogeneous light:
• A wide beam angle, resulting in homogeneous light at relatively small distance from the plants.

Flexible setting:
• Blue, white, red and far-red can be set independently.
• Completely open-source communication protocol to control and read out
• Each FLORAPXL can be controlled individually.
• Dimming is practically analog.
• Use custom light recipes for each growth phase of the plant.
• Can be optimized for each growing surface.
• Read back status and temperature.

The main advantage compared to other light solutions is the relative ease to
get the light homogeneous by placing the pixels on the right spot.

Labor friendly:
• Only a connection to 230Vac and MODBUS RTU needed.
• FLORAPXL’s use the MODBUS protocol for communication, allowing for
quick installation and easy control.
• Hot-swap and inrush protected allowing ‘live’ replacement and installation
• Several quick installation adapters are available.

How FLORAPXL’s works

FLORAPXL’s are 4 groups of led colors on a round low-profile disc.

The FLORAPXL’s run at SELV 24Vdc power supply.
Each individual FLORAPXL has:
• 4 internal power supplies allowing precise control.
• Its own processor that controls the light output and communicates to a
central controller.
• Can be reached remotely, so it can be controlled individually.
• Has a temperature measurement to avoid damage.


FLORAPXL’s Properties

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