Vote now for the Dutch Innovation Prize 2022

The entire team here at Logiqs is extremely proud that our company is one of the five nominees for the Dutch innovation prize 2022.

 The Dutch Innovation Award is not only about innovative capacity, but also about the positive impact that the company has on people and the environment with its innovative technology.

About the Dutch Innovation Prize

The Dutch Innovation Prize is part of the Dutch Innovation Monitor, one of the largest annual surveys into innovation in the Netherlands. A wide range of Dutch companies are invited to participate every year. Both the Dutch Innovation Prize and the research on which it is based are an initiative of the Amsterdam Center for Business Innovation of the UvA, led by Prof.dr. H.W. Volberda.

 The other nominees for this award are: Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete, MIMETAS, PHYSEE, The eNose Company

This year’s jury consists of: Gerard Bakker (Inspector General NVWA), Hans Boumans (Technology Transfer Manager TNO), Jos de Groen (senior policy officer SER), Thomas Grosfeld (specialist Innovation and Top Sector Policy VNO-NCW), Donovan van Heuven ( editor-in-chief MT/Sprout ), Geert Huizinga (director of FME advocacy), Frederieke Leeflang (chairman of the NPO), Greet Prins (chairman of the Chamber of Commerce), Albert Jan Thomassen (director of FBNet Family Companies), Pieter Waasdorp (director of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economic Affairs) and Henk Volberda (jury chairman). The public can also vote (online) from the beginning of October via AVROTROS’ De Wereld van Morgen website.

The winner will be announced on NPO1 on Wednesday evening 2 November during the TV program ‘The world of tomorrow’ on AVROTROS.

We would really appreciate if you would vote for us on the AVROTROS website!

The winner of the Dutch Prize in 2021 was ASML, the market leader, worldwide, in developing and manufacturing machines that produce computer chips.

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