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About Pronk Tulips

Pronk Tulpen B.V. is a young and flourishing company based in Avenhorn, specialising in the breading and cultivation of tulips.

They do this using the latest techniques and production methods and therefore have a very good reputation because of the high quality of their product.


The Netherlands





Multi level rolling bench system



4700 m2

Starting in 2014, the Pronk brothers replaced their existing greenhouse and the internal transport system with a completely new greenhouse and an automated rolling bench system.

The system delivered by LOGIQS is a multi-level rolling bench system featuring A-Track Automated Transport Lines and double platform rolling-bench lift.

The new greenhouse is completely focused on logistical optimisation for Pronk Tulips.

Thus we have chosen for ideal container size for growing tulips and the system makes extremely efficient use of space due to the 2nd growing layer.

The rolling-container lift, which enables the rolling benches to be transported between layers, features a double lift platform. As a result, it is possible to rotate the rolling containers between layers independently from each other.

In order to give the harvesting area a lot of flexibility, the choice was made for a harvesting conveyor line. The next step will be the addition of a so called “harvesting street” that will make the most efficient use of the harvesting conveyor system.


The entire rolling bench system is controlled using our industry leading control and registration software Dat-A-Control.

Besides the control of benches and machines, Dat-A-Control also gives the grower full access to the registration database for plant movements and undergone production processes, making the management of the nursery more efficient.

After sales services

Logiqs has its own experienced installation and service team based in the Netherlands, but also collaborates with reliable service engineer teams in several countries so as to prevent unnecessary installation or maintenance costs.

Our customers can always rely on prompt and efficient attention for routine maintenance, breakdown or emergency situations.

Routine preventative maintenance can be tailored to the customer’s choice, with service intervals to suit the specific needs of the logistical system.

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