Automated cooling ceels

Fully automated rolling bench cooling cells

Cooling cells play a very important role in large scale cultivation of certain crops such as: bulb plants, cress, micro vegetables, etc.

For these sort of crops, we’ve produced countless automated multi layer cooling cell logistics systems, that allow the maximum usage of space possible in the cooling cell.

The highly efficient use of space has the advantage of minimising the environmental footprint of the crop as a result of the lower energy usage needed to maintain the desired temperature in the cooling cell.

The automated cooling cells from Logiqs use highly reliable automated transport lines and overhead cranes and the equipment is controlled automatically using our user industry leading software package.

Here are some of the main advantages when using a Logiqs automated cooling cell:
  • mature equipment with a high level of reliability
  • no unnecessary equipment and sensor arrays needed
  • hand-offs from the automatic transport lines to the overhead cranes happen directly and efficiently
  • automation equipment is controlled automatically by our software allowing the grower to focus on the crop
  • our software allows for automated re-stacking of benches during night time, according to production date or other parameters

Reliable logistics flow and maximum space usage.

While different crops require a cooling cell for different reasons and at different spages in the production processes, the need for efficient space usage and for a reliable inbound/outbound logistics flow remains universal.

For each project and each crop, we work together with our customers so we can advise, design and build the best possible solution for the project.

Why a Logiqs rolling bench system?

Our long-term relationships with growers help us to fully understand their needs and ambitions and reach the desired automation results at the best possible price point.

We believe in sustainable automation and we don’t automate just for the sake of doing so. Because we only succeed when our customers are also successful in their production activities.

When necessary, long term phased plans can be made where the grower can fully understand how the greenhouse’s logistical system can be upgraded in time, even going from manual systems to a full automation level.

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