Westfort Vleesproducten

Westfort Vleesproducten, a family business that has specialized in pork processing for many generations, just finished construction of one of the world’s most modern meat processing facilities. We, Logiqs, designed and built an AS/RS solution for their fully automated, integrated cold-storage warehouse.

Sustainable meat

Over the past few years, Westfort has developed into an innovative global company, employing 1000 people at four different locations.

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The company purchases their pigs directly from the farmers, often also solid family businesses, always from the Netherlands. Their products are exported all over the world, from Africa to Asia, America and Australia.

What do we like about Westfort? They invest in animal welfare, better meat quality and sustainable energy solutions, all in line with our own values.

Maximum efficiency

At the beginning of 2019, Westfort started the construction of a brand-new cutting plant and deboning facility, including a built-in cold-storage and freezing warehouse, using Logiqs AS/RS solution.

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Westfort decided to have Logiqs as providers for their logistics needs and they made no mistake! 

By choosing our AS/RS solution, Westfort is now able to maximize the efficiency of their facility.

Also, being fully automated, our system provides a safer, more hygienic and sustainable working place. This allows Westfort to supply their customers with produce that meets the highest quality standards.

Westfort Warehouse capacity

Fast transport

The cold storage warehouse consists of 8 levels, connected by 4 elevators. 

Because the warehouse has to maintain a constant temperature of -25°, it is key that pallet transfers between the commissioning area and the AS/RS happen quickly and efficiently. 

This system has close to 6000 pallet positions, with an hourly input of 30 pallets and a maximum output of 80 pallets per hour. 

High availability and high throughput

In order to fulfill the required throughput, the ASRS is equipped with 10 carriers (carrying each 1500 kg) and 2 transfer cars connecting the AS/RS to the expedition area. 

These transfer cars were produced by our German partners AFB GMBH and are used for the input and output of pallets to and from the AS/RS. The transfer cars are also fully integrated into our Warehouse Control Software.

Intelligent software integration

Logiqs systems are always a close knit combination between hardware and software. This system is no exception.

The Logiqs Warehouse control software together with a WMS module ensure that store assignments and FIFO assignments of pallets all happen automatically.  

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