Logiqs Mobile Growing Systems
for Medicinal Crops


Logiqs has more than 45 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of mobile grow systems for greenhouses.

Our industry leading solutions help our growers achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

We advise, design, produce and install complete mobile grow systems, manual or completely automated, for the cultivation of medicinal crops.

By working closely together with our customers, we aim to always provide a highly reliable service as well as intelligent solutions for any logistics automation problems our customers might encounter

Advantages of growing medicinal cannabis on Logiqs mobile benches

Space utilization
  • The most efficient space utilization, that can be as high as 90%
  • Less space needed for walking paths because much less manual labor is needed in the main growing area
Work area
  • Perform production processes in a specialized area
  • Separation from the grow area
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Better working conditions and working environment
Better climate
  • Achieve unmatched air circulation between the plants when using benches with gutter inlays, reducing excess moisture, i.e.,mold and mildew issues
  • Better temperature and humidity control 
  • Better overall ventilation in the greenhouse because of the airflow underneath the plant benches
Better drainage
  • Good drainage out of the plant material
  • Unused water goes in the container which is gradually and uniformly drained
Plant health
  • Healthier plants
  • Prevents spreading disease
  • Better hygiene for the crop
Productivity and yield
  • Less staff needed and less manual labor 
  • Increased yield due to increased space utilization and technological availability and scalability
  • Can be further increased by adding multi layer systems or by automating the existing one

Better bench reinforcement

Each side of the Logiqs bench has a small aluminum profile going from the front side to the first cross- beam. This provides unmatched structural integrity to the bench so the front sides do not bend.

Our benches also use thicker crossbeams for the wheel beams. The wheel beams are crucial since the weight of the whole bench and plant material rests on the 4 wheels.

High quality bench support system

All our rail pipes are hot dipped galvanized inside and out. They are not electroplated like so many others. This process keeps them rust free for many years.

The rail pipes also have wedged ends so there is no need to weld in the greenhouse. And that’s an advantage because the welding of galvanized steel can produce dangerous gasses.

Our support has a large footplate 4” x 8”.

Water protection for the bench wheels

The steering wheels are also designed with protective irrigation covers which extend the life of the bearings.

The rolling wheels are also encased in the bracket so they are protected from irrigation water.

Superior aluminum alloy

We use a hardened marine alloy for our aluminum (EN-AW-6063 T66).

Compared to our competitors, the Logiqs mobile bench side and front profiles are also thicker.

Convert all your wishes and ideas into a 3D design with the help of our 3D Configurator

Experiment with different layouts, create multiple design iterations, calculate production capacity, all while seamlessly collaborating with our sales engineers in order to find the best logistics solution for your medicinal crops facility

If you would like to quickly configure the 3D layout of your new grow facility, use our free 3D Configurator to bring your vision to reality. 

And whenever you’re ready, you can get in touch with our Sales Engineers to discuss your layout or you can request a quote for your system.

Design your Greenhouse

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