Grow more with less

Founded in 2020, YASAI offers “Vertical Farming as a Service” – a turnkey solution enabling our customers to build, operate and market their Vertical Farms and products.

YASAI empowers its customers to grow more with less and creates circular food production systems in cities and regions lacking sufficient agricultural resources such as fresh water or fertile arable land.

Our model increases biodiversity by consolidating food production through resource-saving technologies and drastically reduces the use of pesticides. YASAI replaces food imports and reduces production costs across the value chain by focusing on locality and premium quality.

With Vertical Farming we can produce 15x more per sqm with 95 % less fresh water & zero pesticides or food miles.
We create circular food systems that reuse cities’ waste as resources to grow plants for the local community.

All of our herbs, leafy greens and berries are produced locally in Switzerland. Today, we offer a variety of edible plants, all guaranteed with no use of pesticides, less food miles, resource friendly with a premium quality, freshly grown in your local YASAI Vertical Farm. We are constantly expanding our crop portfolio.

We are proud to announce an industrial partnership across borders between European Technology & Thought Leaders in the field of Vertical Farming. YASAI is collaborating with Logiqs B.V. and iFarm to create the best state of the art turnkey-solution for hardware and software in Vertical Farming. Our aim is to build the foundation for large scale Industrial Vertical Farming based on a circular economy.

Together we aim to scale up Vertical Farming within Europe and grow more with less for the health of people, plants & planet.

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