Logiqs partners Deliflor

At the beginning of this month construction started of the new Deliflor Hoogveld facility, an ambitious project we’re proud to be a part of!

Deliflor is the largest chrysanthemum breeder worldwide.The Deliflor assortment consists of spray chrysanthemums, disbudded chrysanthemums and Santinis and includes more than 300 different cultivars. The company produces cuttings and issues licences for cut flower production.

We’re very proud to have been entrusted by Deliflor Hoogveld, to create a high-throughput and high reliability logistics system for their new facility in Bruchem. 

This new, state of the art facility will be used for the rooting of Chrysanthemum cuttings. Once completed, this will be one of the largest rooting facilities in the world.

In order to make the most of the existing space at the new location, Deliflor chose a solution that uses three cultivation layers throughout the grow area. The cultivation layers are connected between each other using 6 lifts, ensuring the high transport capacity required between layers.

By using 3 levels stacked on top of each other, the 2,5ha grow area will be able to house 6.000 rolling benches with a size of 6080mmx1865mm amounting to a total grow area cultivation surface of 6 ha.

The crysanthemum cuttings have a rooting cycle of 12 days, and each bench needs to spend 4 days on each level of the facility. This needs to happen because each level of the greenhouse has a different light intensity level as well as a different air humidity, ensuring the rooting process takes place in optimal conditions.

Because of the quick turnaround time the crop, the entire grow area features automated transport lines on both sides of the greenhouse, and each row is fitted with an automated push and pull system.

This ensures that the system can fulfill the needs of such a fast grow cycle, that requires 1.500 benches to move between levels and be harvested daily.

The work area also features a design we’re proud of featuring 5 Overhead cranes that operate on multiple heights, creating a logistical workflow that can surpass the high requirements set out for the system. 

The entire system will be controlled using our proprietary Dat-A-Control software, the most advanced greenhouse logistics control software in the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing the facility operational towards the end of this year.

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