D.S. Cole Growers


Loudon, New Hampshire,
Verenigde Staten.


Pot planten


Automatische roltafel systeem


18,700 m2

Over D.S. Cole Growers:

They are highly regarded in the industry due to their commitment to automation and innovation and are also the first North American grower to be certified under the Dutch standards as a sustainable grower. Their production operations are focused mainly on young plants, which are shipped nationwide to other North American growers. Approximately one-third of the company’s production is full-grown, nursery-ready plants, which they distribute across New England in the United States.

Doug Cole, company president and owner, is well known for leading the development of several varieties of plants offered by D.S. Cole Growers. He has also been committed to implementing state-of-the-art automation and computerised systems to make the company’s production more efficient and to ultimately save on labor costs. Doug took the leap of faith to automation early on in the 1990s and began working with LOGIQS through our North American distributors: HOVE International, Inc.

The LOGIQS/HOVE International, Inc. team has implemented software, automation, crane, bench, and belt systems at D.S. Cole Growers.

All the logistics solutions delivered wore carefully designed to integrate and work seamlessly with the other high quality automation products implemented at D.S. Cole Growers.

Despite the initial costs to implement and integrate state-of-the art automation systems, Doug has remained committed to selecting the highest quality Dutch automation systems available.

As a result, D.S. Cole Growers has realised significant savings over time in both in labor and electricity costs. Without these automation solutions, more labor and labor costs would have definitely been required.

For more information about D.S. Cole Growers, please visit their website.

For the successful collaboration with D.S. Cole Growers we have to give a lot of credit to our North American distributors, HOVE International who always help us deliver the best services to our north American customers.

After Sales Services

Logiqs heeft zijn eigen ervaren installatie- en service teams gevestigd in Nederland, maar werkt ook samen met betrouwbare installatie teams in verschillende landen, om zo onnodige installatie- of onderhoudskosten te voorkomen.

Onze klanten kunnen altijd rekenen op een snelle en efficiënte aandacht voor routine onderhoud, storing of noodgevallen.

Routinematig preventief onderhoud kan worden afgestemd op de keuze van de klant, met de service intervallen aangepast aan de specifieke behoeften van het logistieke systeem.