Burnaby Lake Greenhouses


British Columbia,


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Geautomatiseerde roltafel systeem


10.000+ roltafels

Over Burnaby Lake Greenhouses:

Established in 1955, Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. (BLG) is a leading wholesale grower of live plants and cut flowers, which they ship to customers across Western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest.

Located in Surrey and Langley, British Columbia, The BLG operations include approximately 1.8 million square feet of greenhouse production space.

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses is a recognised leader not only in the introduction of new plant varieties but also in the implementation of state-of-the-art, energy-saving, and labor-saving production technologies.

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses is owned and operated by the Van der Ende family. In the early 1980s, Kees van der Ende first recognised the advantage of automation solutions.

Following their father Kees’ vision, brothers Ken and Herb Van der Ende, have continued a commitment to new technologies by selecting and installing the best quality logistics solutions at Burnaby Lake Greenhouses.

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses has long recognised the significant advantage of growing on rolling benches and keeping space utilisation to the greatest capacity.

Plants at Burnaby Lake Greenhouses are grown on an automated rolling bench system to maximise production space and facilitate the highest levels of material handling.

With more than 10,000 benches and scaled expansions over multiple years, Burnaby Lake Greenhouses and the  LOGIQS team remain strong partners today.

For the successful collaboration with Burnaby Lake Greenhouses we als have to give a lot of credit to our North American distributors, HOVE International who always help us deliver the best services to our north American customers.

After Sales Services

Logiqs heeft zijn eigen ervaren installatie- en service teams gevestigd in Nederland, maar werkt ook samen met betrouwbare installatie teams in verschillende landen, om zo onnodige installatie- of onderhoudskosten te voorkomen.

Onze klanten kunnen altijd rekenen op een snelle en efficiënte aandacht voor routine onderhoud, storing of noodgevallen.

Routinematig preventief onderhoud kan worden afgestemd op de keuze van de klant, met de service intervallen aangepast aan de specifieke behoeften van het logistieke systeem.