Are you looking for a more modern, automated, flexible and better way to do your warehousing, racking and/or pallet storage?

Do you struggle with the current labor market shortages to fill in your warehousing vacancies?

How will the coming economic downturn impact the flexibility requirements of your warehousing solution? How can you quickly scale your racks, storage and warehousing?

Are you dealing with global supply chain disruptions effectively?

Are you exploring the possibilities to make your organization and logistics more regenerative and sustainable?

We at Logiqs via our technical iCube features of better space usage, turnkey solution, modularity, scalability, redundancy and automation create the following benefits for our clients:

  •  Less labor needed (current labor market scarcity)
  •  More flexibility
  •  Higher efficiency, productivity and yield
  •  Safety
  •  Lower maintenance
  •  More predictability and control
  •  Higher customer satisfaction
  •  Lower customer churn

These benefits align perfectly with (most) end values of our clients: more focus on the core activities and thus growth, continuity, life affirming and most importantly stakeholder value and purpose driven.

Who is Logiqs?

A global player

Our industry leading solutions help our customers to achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

Our focus

Our focus has remained unchanged over the years: delivering purposeful innovation that adds real value to our customer’s business and that helps contribute to a better world.

Our mission

Purposeful automation: our aim is to design and build complete logistics systems that are modular, reliable and scalable.

In the last few years Logiqs has received a few awards:

In 2021:

Hillenraad Tech50 award for number 1 in Smart Logistics

In 2021 and 2022:

One of the 250 fastest growing scale-ups in the Netherlands

Design your ideal Layout

Curious if our system works for your warehouse or production facility?

See for yourself how easy it is to configure your own ideal layout.


Intelligent solutions

At Logiqs we are passionate about designing, manufacturing and installing efficient automated warehouse systems. Everything, from the design, to the software and testing is done in our own factory. We also simply enjoy bringing our ideas to life.
We are constantly trying out new things and enjoy creating intelligent solutions for all the logistics automation problems our customers encounter.

Modular and flexible

With our cutting edge and intelligent AS/RS solution we provide users with setting up a future proof and flexible warehouse.

The modular, redundant design of our system makes it scalable: it has the advantage of full scale automation, with a better pallet density (and suitable for all pallets).

Highest efficiency

The Logiqs AS/RS allows users to create safe storage with the highest efficiency. Because of its scalable design, the system can operate 24/7. If for example one shuttle is out of order, the other shuttles can keep operating to keep the flow in your production.

Safety first

Did you know that of all work-related accidents, incidents involving forklifts still take a significant share? We believe in creating the safest work environment possible for our customers, and automation has a crucial part in doing so. An automated warehouse is safer than a manually operated warehouse: there are less chances of accidents as a result of human error. Because we use a modular design, no go zones can be set for areas of the warehouse that are being serviced. This improves the working conditions of your employees. Also, operating an automation warehouse reduces the labour costs significantly.

Dat-A-Logiqs Software

The iCUBE is managed and controlled using our proprietary Dat-A-Logiqs Software. This software package uses two main applications: Dat-A-Control and Dat-A-WMS.
Dat-A-Control automatically handles the machine movements and controls, while Dat-A-WMS handles the space and inventory management in the warehouse.

Dat-A-WMS allows the operators to configure the storage strategy for each individual location in the iCUBE as well as prioritize between inbound, outbound and order picking.

Because of the codeless configurability, operators can customize the allocation logic of the system according to their business requirements. Once the Dat-A-WMS has determined the allocation and/or fulfillment needs, Dat-A-Control then executes the tasks using advanced logistics algorithms that maximize the usage of the 3D-Carriers and Vertical Transporters.

The Dat-A-Logiqs Software suite gives full control and unmatched flexibility to the warehouse operators, allowing them to fully automate operations and achieve the process flow they need for their operation.

The Dat-A-Logiqs software communicates with external software through modern API’s permitting fast implementations with other ERP and WMS systems

How does it work?

Logiqs quality

At Logiqs we do business in an open and honest way. Just as importantly, we do what we promise.
Of course, when making our products, we choose to use only high-quality, honest materials.
We make your investment into our systems worth spending by providing quality equipment, with long term support and easy system upgrades in time. We make sure that we keep learning and that with each design or upgrade, both hardware and software keep improving.

Logiqs care

We care for our customers, who we actually mainly see as partners. We’d like to collaborate with them and do our utmost to provide a reliable and personal service.
Although we might be one of the smaller players in the logistics world, this in fact has a big advantage, for it allows us to be nimble and agile. We value the wishes of our customers, who are able to deal with a responsive supplier and short lines of communication.

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