One of the main applications when it comes to rolling benches are production greenhouses for tulips and other bulb plants.

Rolling benches can improve space efficiency by as much as 30 percent compared to stationary benches and/or growing directly on the ground.

Specific Advantages for growing bulb plants on rolling benches:

  • Rolling Benches generally allow growers to utilize about 90 percent of the space in the greenhouse, while non-rolling bench arrangements often use only 60 percent of the space;
  • saving space as a result of the “first in first out principle” on the piperun’s;
  • less space is needed for the internal transport of the plants;
  • central work area is possible allowing for more efficient working conditions;
  • a much improved airflow within the greenhouse, underneath the benches, especially compared to crops grown at ground level. This reduces the risk of humidity induced diseases for the crop;
  • Because of the improved air-flow under the benches, it becomes more energy efficient to create the appropriate climate conditions for growth in the greenhouse, leading in turn to lower energy costs;
  • irrigation, nutrients, disease fighting, growth regulator can all be applied in a precise manner with various automation possibilities;
  • allows for easy operation in greenhouses with multiple heating-cooling zones for the various stages in the plants life;
  • better working environment for greenhouse workers because the crop is at a correct working height and not on the ground;
  • High efficiency in harvesting the crop;
  • streamlines all phases of production.

Our automated internal logistics systems for rolling bench production greenhouses then take daily operations to a whole new level of efficiency and flexibility.

Internal transport of rolling containers between working and growing areas.

Our logistical solutions are always custom made for the need of the grower and of the crop.

Depending on the needs of the customer we can design and implement partially-automated as well as fully automated transport systems that allow for a maximum flexibility and space-usage in both new build and existing greenhouses.

An automated rolling bench greenhouse has the possibilities for even more efficient space usage by using multi-layer configurations.

Our vast range of transport equipment make it possible to create logistical solutions that might seem impossible to our competition.

Manual Transport Lines – A-track

Automatic Transport Lines

Automatic Transport Vehicles

Overhead Cranes

3D-Cranes (X/Y)


Automatic Lifts

Automatic irrigation.

Whether it be “ebb- en flood” irrigation or crop spraying with a Traveling Irrigator System, Logiqs can help you achieve precise irrigation of your crop as well as individual container irrigation and irrigation history for each rolling container.

Logiqs is also an official dealer for the innovative "WD Indoor" Traveling Irrigator System produced by Denton Automation Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Denton Automation has more than 20 year’s experience in the design and production of irrigation equipment for horticulture applications.

Dat-A-Water – in order to integrate the irrigation process in Dat-A-Control, we created a new module specifically for the control and registration of irrigation. This makes the grower’s life easier by offering individual container irrigation, easy set-up of irrigation schedules as well as the irrigation history for each rolling container.

Plant control and registration directly on your computer: Dat-A-Control V3

Dat-A-Control V3 is the result of more than 10 years of development and experience in helping growers achieve their goals.

Designed to communicate – Dat-A-Control can be easily coupled to most corporate software suits a grower might need or have.

Effective order picking for the final phase of production.

Through our intelligent software solutions and our reliable and flexible transport equipment we work together with our clients to eliminate any bottleneck’s throughout the production and delivery process.

The flexibility of an automated bench system from Logiqs also allows for easy integration of automated sorting and packing operations in the final stage of production.

Cleaning and disinfection of the rolling containers between uses.

Yet another advantage of an automated rolling bench system when compared to fixed bench systems or growing on the ground is that the washing and disinfection of the growing area can be much easier automated. Our container cleaning solutions are made to fit the specific need of our customers, as well as the specific size of containers used for each project.

100° Container Cleaner

180° Container Cleaner

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North American customers can also visit the HOVE International website (sole distributors for North America) and get in touch with them directly for more information.

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