The evolution of LOGIQS 2D-Shuttle systems

Even though our innovative 2D-Shuttle systems are already one of the most advanced logistical solutions for greenhouse automation, our passionate engineers and programmers are always working tirelessly to further improve and refine our industry leading equipment.

Because our customers are some of the best plant growers in the world, that also motivates us to design and implement the very best logistical solutions on the market. – Wouter Roemer – hoofd constructeur

The evolution of the 2D-Shuttle systems:

LOGIQS automation equipment keeps evolving constantly and nowhere is this as visible as with our shuttle systems.
Here are some of the major changes that we made to our shuttles since we brought them to market.

To start off, we had the clear goal to improve the 2D-Shuttle’s chassis rigidity while at the same time making it lighter. We have been able to do this by integrating A-Track aluminium profiles directly into the frame of the 2D-Shuttle.

The integration of the A-Track aluminium profiles in the frame of the shuttle has led to a frame that’s over 15% more rigid than the previous generation, and also decreased the weight.

Using A-track profiles in the build also allows us to adapt the width of the 2D-Shuttles much easier to the requirements of each project, giving us the flexibility to build the 2D-Shuttle for the exact needs of each greenhouse without needing any major design changes. This in turn also brings down the automation costs for the grower, making the 2D-Shuttle systems an even more sustainable solution.

Another important design change was made to the construction of the bench grappling mechanism for a securer grip of the bench. The grappling mechanism has also been redesigned and now also lowers when the shuttle is moving, and only lifts up when it needs to engage and grab the edge of a container. This improvement allowed us to make the 2D-Shuttle thinner and better adapted for multi-level applications.

The mechanic and electronic components of the shuttle are now split into three independent standardized units, which are also optimized for easier maintenance access. The sideways moving mechanism has also been improved giving the 2D-Shuttle a better grip of the rail.

And finally we now also offer the option of using modern Li-ion batteries instead of the lead-acid batteries for powering the 2D-Shuttle. Using the Li-ion batteries offers the following advantages: less weight, shorter charging times, longer usage life (recharge cycles) and partial charging is also possible while with lead batteries that has a negative impact on the batteries life cycle. Just by replacing the lead-acid batteries with Li-ion brings the weight of the 2D-Shuttle down by around 30 kilograms, putting less pressure on the rails/heating pipes.

All these improvements come together with improved software algorithms in Dat-A-Control, for an even more efficient machine allocation when dealing with large amounts of transport tasks.

By constantly investing in our logistical solutions and working closely with our customers, we’re able to refine the equipment while keeping a close eye on the ultimate goal, which is to offer highly reliable logistical systems that have a positive impact on the growers business while also reducing the carbon footprint of the crop. – Gert-Jan van Staalduinen – algemeen directeur Logiqs
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