This is the building block of our software. This is the part of our software that supplies you with a real time graphical representation of your greenhouse and translates your requests into machine settings and instructions.

Because growers are now dealing with increasingly diverse crops, and therefore a lot more crop information need to be monitored, we have created Dat-A-Plant.

Dat-A-Potting makes it easy to monitor and manage your potting process.

Dat-A-Spacing makes it possible to trace individual plants throughout your spacing and sorting process. Spacing and sorting orders can be inserted and controlled.

Dat-A-Pick&Place makes it possible to control your pick and place robots from inside Dat-A-Control. You can tell your robots which settings to use right from in front of your computer.

Dat-A-SMS is a notification system for Dat-A-Control that makes it possible for you to be notified by SMS when certain events happen.

Dat-A-Planner is our solution for production planning. Dat-A-Planner gives the grower the possibility to easily put together a quality production plan, based on reliable information and well known growing schedules.

Dat-A-Pocket is our software solution for monitoring and controlling an automated greenhouse by using a Smartphone or tablet.

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