Piet Vijverberg extension

A family run nursery going back 3 generations, the Piet Vijverberg Nursery is well known internationally for it’s advanced cultivation techniques and high quality potted plants.


the Nederlands


Phalaenopsis and Dracaena


Automated rolling bench system

Greenhouse surface

9.600 m2 new build

The project:

Through the hard work and passion of the Vijverberg family and it’s employees, the nursery has prospered through the years, and now disposes over more than 75,000 m² of greenhouse space where they grow Phalaenopsis and Dracaena.

Already long time customers of Logiqs, Piet and Sander Vijverberg once again contracted us to design and build the logistical system for their new greenhouse.

The new 9.600 m2 greenhouse which is already being build, will be used for the cultivation of Phalaenopsis.

As part of the project we will be extending the tracks of the existing Automatic transport vehicle found in the main greenhouse to the new building, joining the two logistical systems. After this extension the ATV will have a driving rail that’s almost 0,5 km long.

The Rolling bench system in the new greenhouse will also feature cable-pull (retrieval) systems for each bench row for full automation.

The new growing surface will also be integrated into the existing Dat-A-Control setup for a full integration with the existing greenhouse.

After Sales Services

Logiqs has its own experienced installation and service team based in the Netherlands, but also collaborates with reliable service engineer teams in several countries so as to prevent unnecessary installation or maintenance costs.

Our customers can always rely on prompt and efficient attention for routine maintenance, breakdown or emergency situations.

Routine preventative maintenance can be tailored to the customer’s choice, with service intervals to suit the specific needs of the logistical system.