Overhead transporters

Fast, safe and reliable overhead transporters from Logiqs

The Overhead and 3D (X/Y) transporters produced by Logiqs streamline the transport of both empty and full plant containers and have been successfully implemented in countless greenhouses and plant nurseries throughout the world.

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Overhead transporters are also our tool of choice for the supply and removal of rolling benches to a bench cleaner.

Transporting benches filled with plants can be especially useful in the flexible supply to your order picking area and in the transportation to and from a possible second layer.

All our overhead transporters are built with reliability and safety in mind and controlled automatically through our industry leading Dat-A-Control software.

Overhead transporters

Logiqs Overhead transporters have a light-weight design and offer growers a high level of flexibility and reliability.

We produce overhead transporters for empty benches, for the logistic area of the greenhouse and empty bench management, but we also produce overhead transporters for the handling of benches that are full of plants for various production processes or logistical configurations where that might be needed.

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The run length of an Overhead transporter can be as long as 100 meters, making it possible to connect multiple greenhouses if they are directly adjacent.

The hourly transport capacity of an Overhead transporter is dependent on the run length.

(Please get in touch with our sales department for precise capacity calculations for your project).

3D Overhead transporters

For large-scale greenhouses that have high capacity requirements for order picking, Logiqs developed the 3D Overhead transporters.

This overhead transporter can serve a large surface area, and move on both the X and Y axis.

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This solution is ideal for order picking, giving the grower immediate access to all the containers within the cranes reach.

The run length of a 3D Overhead transporter can be as long as 100 meters (with a max width that corresponds to the length between greenhouse pillars) making it a highly flexible and efficient logistics solution.

The hourly transport capacity of the 3D Overhead transporter is entirely dependent on the run length.
(Please get in touch with our sales departments for precise capacity calculations for your project).

Automated rolling bench systems using one or several overhead transporter have multiple advantages compared to growing on the ground or on manual benching systems:

  • Easy management of highly diverse crops with high numbers of lots
  • Increases production capacity
  • Lowers labour costs
  • Optimal space usage in the greenhouse
  • Multiple complex logistics flows are possible
  • Modular system design that allows phased deployments

Fully automated control using dat-a-control makes our transporters faster and safer than manually controlled systems.

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