Logistiek – JUNE 2020

JUNE 2020

Logiqs iCube AS/RS – logistiek.nl – JUNE 2020

In a market where time plays an increasingly important role, storage automation is essential. The iCUBE is Logiqs’ own AS/RS. This modular system is completely autonomous by means of 3D carriers in combination with lifts. Maximum storage space is used because all components are compact.

LOGIQS AS/RS Configurator

Design the ideal AS/RS layout for your automated warehouse or production facility

The iCUBE AS/RS is one of the few warehouse automation systems that can be implemented in existing warehouses, as well as in new buildings or phased extensions. Both racking and automation can be adjusted in stages, allowing capacity changes and throughput to be tailored to customers’ needs.

The software that distinguishes the iCUBE AS/RS has been used for more than 15 years. This advanced software can be easily linked to other software’s and can carry out extremely complex tasks, arranged by priority. This means that the right pallets are in the right place at the right time.

Logiqs’ Configuration tool

Because the iCUBE AS/RS is so efficient, it reflects in the sales, design, and engineering processes. To achieve this, an online 3D configuration tool has been developed. This tool supports all processes, enabling Logiqs to be more competitive with the price and lead time.

With this iCUBE AS/RS Configuration tool you receive a complete 3D image of your iCUBE and you can request the corresponding price with one click. You will be provided with advice on the quantity and location of the different components when configuring. The data you enter calculates in the background, what it takes to achieve certain capacities. To design a complete storage solution, the configuration tool offers the possibility to add other elements after the basic components.

The tool works intuitively, and it is extremely user friendly, thanks to the handy tutorial. Workability has also been considered. Outdated computers can also configure a 3D image without any problems.

Good luck making your storage system. If you need help, please contact one of our consultants by email to info@logiqs.nl