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Logiqs Mission & Vision

We are responsible for countless innovations and industry firsts in logistics, vertical grow systems and automated storage. Our focus has remained unchanged over the years: delivering purposeful innovation that adds real value to our customer’s business.

We have delivered hundreds of fully automated plant benching systems worldwide and have partnered with the world’s most successful growers.

Many well-maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation!

Our Company

Even though our company has been around for more than 45 years, our ambitions are more comparable to ones of a startup.

We want to disrupt our industry and we fully understand that we can only achieve our goals though sustainable exponential growth.

Our Core Values


What you see is what you get. At Logiqs we do business in an open and honest way. Completely transparent. Just as importantly, we do what we promise.

Of course, when making our products, we choose to use only high-quality, honest materials.

But honesty goes beyond that: with our products, we want to give every entrepreneur who wants to produce honest food the opportunity to actually do so.

Because we believe that everyone, anywhere in the world, is entitled to an honest livelihood.


At Logiqs, we think being kind to one another is really important.

We care for each other, as we care for our customers (who we actually mainly see as partners) and are respectful to the world around us.

We think collaboratively, we are solution-oriented and try to deal with each other and our environment in the most pleasant way possible.


We feel that curiosity is the fuel of every pioneer and that creativity arises when curiosity thrives.

We’re curious about the world around us, about our customers and what they want. We’re also curious about technology and about how we can best use technology to better understand plants and how to help people grow them better.

It is that drive that allows us to be constantly moving forward and figure out how we make something even better, even more efficient, even more accessible.


Last year we celebrated our 45th anniversary.

Our quality is something that’s been widely experienced by growers worldwide and it’s definitely something we’re proud of.

Time and time again, our team manages to come up with great innovations and then bring them to reality. So yeah, we are proud of that! 

Proud of the beautiful products we make, proud of the company, of our amazing customers and partners and we’re especially proud of each other.


With only one earth with many people and a limited amount of raw materials, each has its own responsibility for the future.

At Logiqs we all try to deal with this in the best possible way we can.

With attention and respect for the earth, for the customer and for each other.

At Logiqs, everyone needs to be able to feel good, thrive and grow. In addition, we feel responsible for what we do as a company: our customers need to know that they can count on us and that we do everything we can to serve them as well as possible.


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