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Robust standardised racking

For the iCUBE racking, we collaborate with the Storax-Ramada Group, a renowned Portuguese manufacturer of pallet racks, operating world wide.

The Storax SP pallet racks are available in 2 profiles for the uprights: SP80 (80 mm) and SP115 (SPL) (115 mm).

The SP system is also available with a wide range of beam types, allowing each application to be accurately planned for optimum performance while avoiding unnecessary costs due to over-dimensioning.

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Besides the standardised racking the iCUBE racking also makes use ox X-Track elements, which form the track for the iCUBE 3D-Carrier to move between the aisles.
For the aisles, we use proprietary “Z” shaped profiles that allow the 3D-Carrier enough room to drive under the pallets. These “Z” profiles also directly support the pallets.
  • Lifting capacity: up  to 1.500 Kg
  • Movement : X and Y independent of other equipment
  • Moving speed : 0,8 m/s
  • Working temperature : -25°C tot +40°C
  • Wheels: Vulkollan®
  • Battery capacity : 88 Ah
  • Charge time : 45 minutes
  • Opportunity charging : yes
  • Working temperature battery: -20°C tot +40°C
  • Frame : aluminium
  • Service interval : 6 Months
  • Lifting capacity: up to 2.000 Kg
  • Security sensors: photo cells
  • Moving speed: 0,25 m/s
  • 3D-Carrier and pallet transport : apart and simultaneously
  • Working temperature : -25°C to +40°C
  • Multiple lifting frames : yes (optional)
  • Actuator power: 6 kW
  • Frame: galvanised steel
  • Maximum height : 40 meter
  • Service interval: 6 months

The iCUBE AS/RS solutions from Logiqs featuring work in conjunction with our Dat-A-Control software so that operation of the machines is fully automatic without requiring worker intervention.

The warehouse foreman can fully personalise their work-flow using Dat-A-Control and take advantage of our many useful features such as: Transport plants for multiple pallets and multiple transfers, locations with job triggers, automate movements for outbound or inbound flows.

Logiqs automation equipment stands the test of time!

We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the worlds most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.

Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!

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