Hartmann GbR Germany – 2D-Shuttle rolling bench system


Schwarzach am Main,


Various potted plants


Rolling bench system with 2D-Shuttles

Greenhouse surface

3 hectares


Hartmann GbR is a 6th generation family owned business, founded in 1938 in Düllstadt, Germany.

Today Hartmann operates two facilities, one in Schwarzach am Main and one in Rain am Lech, growing more than 8 million pot plants per year, intended for wholesale in Germany and other neighbouring countries.

With approximately 9.5 hectares of modern greenhouse area and an outdoor area of ​​around 7.5 hectares, Hartmann is already one of the largest and most successful pot plant producers in Germany.

To continue expanding their production capacity, Hartmann decided to extend their facility in Schwarzach am Main by adding another 30.000 m2 of production area. The Hartmann family wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and build the most modern facility possible to date.

For the internal logistics of this new state of the art greenhouse, Hartmann selected the Logiqs 2D-Shuttle rolling bench system, the most flexible and modular benching system on the market.

The shuttle-based rolling bench system brought to the market by Logiqs almost 10 years ago, replaces the conventional push-pull systems for each individual bench row, with one or more shuttles that fully automate all the bench rows.

Our invention of the shuttle systems has inspired Logiqs to also apply our know-how in semi-autonomous vehicles for automatic storage and retrieval systems with the iCube and to vertical farming with the Greencube.

The Hartmann project will be the 19th project where Logiqs will implement a shuttle/carrier based logistic system, with seventy Logiqs shuttles and carriers now operating in 9 countries on 4 continents.

The 2D-Shuttle system stands apart from competitor systems because of its flexibility, reliability and industry leading software capabilities.

linings. The system will also have individual ebb and flood water feed points for each individual bench.

Around 60% of the total system space will be fully automated (potting and grow), while the remaining 40% of the bench system will be operated manually (harvest).

The work area will be fitted with automatic potting and spacing/sorting machines, fully integrated with the Logiqs bench system.

The work area also houses a Logiqs 180° Bench Cleaner as well as two Logiqs overhead cranes that ensure the transport of empty containers between the stacks, the 180˚ Bench Cleaner and the bench feed to the potting and spacing machines.

The work area is then connected to the main grow area with a Logiqs automatic transport line.

Just two Logiqs 2D-Shuttles together with the automatic transport line ensure that this entire grow area is fully automated, with a flexibility no other system can offer.

Fully controlled through our industry leading Dat-A-Control software, the 2D-Shuttles use efficient transport strategies, can work independently from each other or collaborate to complete transport tasks more efficiently.

Our advanced software also gives the grower the possibility to prioritize tasks, manually choose transport strategies, create transport plans, set automatic task triggering for certain locations, run reorganize tasks during the night and much more.

Besides controlling the internal transport of benches, the Dat-A-Control software also gives growers an advanced and precise registration and tracking tool for all the plants in the greenhouse, directly integrated in Dat-A-Control through the Dat-A-Plant plugin.

While the remaining 40% of the greenhouse, used for harvest will not be automated, the flexibility of the Logiqs bench system means that Hartmann has the possibility to also automate this section at a later stage without needing major changes to the logistics system.

For more information about Hartmann, bezoek hun website http://www.hartmanngartenbau.de/.