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Throughout the last decades rolling bench systems have become the industry standard in large scale greenhouse plant nurseries

With more than 45 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of internal transport and logistics systems for greenhouses, Logiqs is recognised world-wide as one of the industry leaders in automated rolling bench systems.

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Our rolling bench/container systems have been implemented in countless greenhouse, for a large variety of crops, such as:

  • potted plants
  • herbs in pots;
  • bulb flowers
  • young plants
  • Cut flowers
  • Cresses and microgreens
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Mushrooms

Rolling bench greenhouses allow for better organised work areas (potting, spacing, harvesting, packing, etc.) and always lead to more efficient working conditions;
Greenhouse using rolling bench systems also benefit from a more consistent working climate because of the improved airflow within the greenhouse, especially underneath the benches, compared to crops grown at ground level;

Rolling bench systems offer a multitude of advantages when compared to fixed table systems and/or growing on the ground.
Some of these advantages are:

  • Efficient handling of different groups of plants or SKU’s with different growing conditions, by working with individual containers that can be moved and tracked throughout the grow/production cycle;
  • Optimal space usage to help the grower reach and surpass his targeted output;
  • Gives the grower the possibility for multi-level (vertical farming) growing solutions for an unparalleled space usage efficiency;
  • More efficient plant irrigation with reduced labour costs;
  • Efficient heating of the crop compared to growing on the ground, and therefor lower heating costs;
  • Streamlines all production processes in a large scale plant nursery.
Because of the much more efficient irrigation possibilities, the overall humidity in the greenhouse can be lowered, and this reduces the risks of mildew, fungi and root diseases that can affect the plants!

Rolling benches can be equipped with the following bottom types:

  • Galvanised mesh inlay
  • Expanded metal inlay
  • Ebb and flood plastic inlays
  • Styrofoam inlays
  • No inlay, suitable for tulip/bulb-flower crates
  • Coated aluminium gutters

We work together with the customer on each project to determine the ideal rolling bench size according to the needs of the crop and the dimensions of the greenhouse (especially those of the aisles formed between resistance pillars).
Afterwords, the rolling benches are produced in our factory so that the welding is done in an ideal environment.
For projects where shipping large benches is difficult can also make use of the Moduline rolling benches which require no welding and that can be assembled on location.

Why use a LOGIQS rolling bench system?

Our long-term relationships with growers help us to fully understand their needs and ambitions and reach the desired automation results at the best possible price point.
We believe in sustainable automation and we don’t automate just for the sake of doing so. Because we only succeed when our customers are also successful in their production activities.
When necessary, long term phased plans can be made where the grower can fully understand how the greenhouse’s logistical system can be upgraded in time, even going from manual systems to a full automation level.

What information are you missing on our web page?

The 2D-Shuttle is a unique greenhouse automation solution, which is designed and built by Logiqs. This system is unmatched in its modular design, that allows for a flexible and scalable system.
The 2D-Shuttle is the semi-autonomous vehicle that rides underneath the rolling benches, using the heating pipes as rails, and in doing so, can automate large greenhouse surfaces.

The A-Track transport lines ensure bench movements between rows and connect the growing area to the work area.
Each individual A-Track Transport Line section is powered by just one drive unit, using two speeds: a fast one for normal bench movements and a slow one for precise positioning of the bench on the lifting frame.
When an A-Track transport line is connected with an isle of rolling benches, it’s also fitted with a pneumatic lifting frame for the bench handoff between transport line and 2D-Shuttle.

Throughout its history, Logiqs has developed various solutions for automatic transport of containers using Automatic Transport Carts, for the transport of one or multiple rolling benches simultaneously.

These automated carts can be mounted either on the central concrete path in the middle of your greenhouse or on the side-wall of the greenhouse.

The Overhead and 3D (X/Y) Cranes produced by Logiqs streamline the transport of both empty and full plant containers and have been successfully implemented in countless greenhouses and plant nurseries throughout the world.
Our Overhead Cranes have lightweight designs that don’t create high forces on the greenhouse structure while at the same time being highly durable and reliable.

Our lifts are custom made for the specific size of benches used by the vertical farm as well as if regards to the building height.
The lifts are produced using only the highest grade components, they use four independent electromechanical actuators for maximum stability and in order the evenly distribute forces.

Automated irrigation, on individual bench level, finally made possible by our Automatic Irrigation Booms and Dat-A-Control.
The Automatic Irrigation Booms/gantries from Logiqs are the most versatile all in one irrigation solution available today.
Available with a full software integration using Dat-A-Control, our Automatic Irrigation Booms allow growers to considerably reduce labor costs, improve product quality and conserve both water and feeds.

Logiqs automation equipment stands the test of time!

We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the worlds most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.
Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!


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