Logiqs General Brochure

The 2D-Shuttle is an industry leading greenhouse logistics solution, allowing us to fully automate large surfaces with less equipment and smaller costs, while giving maximum flexibility now and in the future.
Automated transport lines
Indispensable in rolling bench greenhouses because of their reliability and high capacity
Automated transport vehicles
We’ve designed, build and implemented countless variants of automatic transport vehicles for greenhouses, whether it be: side-mounted vehicles, middle-path vehicles or Shuttle carrying vehicles.
Automated irrigation booms
Highly efficient, fully automated irrigation booms that improve the irrigation process, reduce labour costs and save water and feeds.
Overhead Cranes en 3D-Cranes
Fast and reliable overhead cranes and 3D-Cranes that give growers an extra layer of flexibility.
Rolling bench cleaning
The work area of the greenhouse can be fitted with a Logiqs automated bench cleaner, that insures that the rolling benches are uniformly washed and disinfected using high pressure cleaning nozzles. 
45+ years of automation experience

Working with some of the most successful commercial plant growers has always pushed us to innovate processes and perfect equipment. Logiqs rolling bench systems are the most capable on the market, being able to fulfilling the needs of high volume, high efficiency plant nurseries.

LOGIQS Benching Configurator

Design the ideal benching system for your crop with just a few clicks

We think logistics

Our products and services contribute to a higher profit and a stronger competitors position of our customers.
We advise, design, produce and install complete logistical systems that solve the logistics challenges our customers have, while offering an unprecedented level of control through our industry leading control and registration software.

Our mission

We thrive when we collaborate closely with our customers towards creating sustainable process innovation.

We design and build durable and reliable equipment and user friendly software that help growers be successful in today competitive marketplace.

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Logiqs automation equipment stands the test of time!

We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the world’s most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.

Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!


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