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The vertical farming solution of the future, available today!

The GreenCUBE automated vertical farming system makes large scale urban farms feasible!

This state of the art automated vertical farming system is the culmination of more than 45 years of experience, of technological advancements and of close collaboration with some of the most successful growers in the world.

Because of our extended experience designing and building multi-level rolling bench systems and the experience we’ve gained with the iCUBE AS/RS, the GreenCUBE was a logical next step for our company.

The U.N. projects that food production needs to increase by around 60% until 2050 in order to feed the growing global population.

The goal of our design was to make a truly sustainable vertical farming system, from both an environmental point of view as well as from a financial stand point.
To do this we designed the GreenCUBE steel structure with standardised components used for pallet storage systems and iCube systems.
Next, when it came time to design the automation equipment we continued focusing on equipment standardisation.
By using only 2D-Shuttles that can move throughout the entire GreenCUBE and Shuttle Lifts for movement between layers we managed to keep the logistical design of the GreenCUBE brilliantly simple.

Since the 2D-Shuttle and the Shuttle Lifts use only their own sensors, there’s no need for other sensors in the GreenCUBE vertical farm.

The GreenCUBE handles all the bench movements using only 2D-Shuttles and Shuttle Lifts.
The Logiqs 2D-Shuttles and Lifts are extremely compact, and have a low impact on the overall storage capacity of the vertical farm.
The Logiqs software also makes all picking strategies possible, allowing for full usage of the available storage aisles. Our software can also be configured to automatically re-organise lots in down time, so that benches are already prepared for harvesting without user input being needed.
The 2D-Shuttles and Lifts don’t exert high movement forces on the racking, and this means that the GreenCUBE can also be implemented in existing buildings without major building structural changes.
The scaling of an GreenCUBE system also benefits from the modular lightweight design, bringing the implementation costs of extensions to the system down.

One of the main advantages of a GreenCUBE vertical farm is the increased safety when to conventional manual vertical farms where workers often need to perform labour at unsafe heights .

Safety zones can also be configured in the GreenCUBE, so that the 2D-Shuttles can keep executing tasks in the rest of the farm, while a certain zone of the warehouse becomes no-limit to the 2D-Shuttles.


The GreenCUBE is controlled with our own Dat-A-Control, through which all equipment is controlled automatically.

Transport tasks can either be given automatically by the company’s ERP system, or tasks can be entered by an operator using the Dat-A-Control intuitive graphical user interface.

Dat-A-Control uses advanced algorithms to manage the GreenCUBE automatically and control inbound and outbound bench transfers without the need for user interference for each individual machine operation.

Task priority, task scheduling, reorganise tasks as well as complex transport plans can all be easily controlled using our intelligent control and registration software.

Our software can be configured according to the needs of the farm and automatic protocols can be set for reorganising pallets during down-time, preparing them for harvesting according to the pending outbound shipment orders.

Logiqs automation equipment stands the test of time!

We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the worlds most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.

Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!

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