Logiqs and Bowery Farming announced plans to formalize their partnership with the development of a new proprietary vertical farming automation system that will be exclusive to Bowery Farming

The two companies have worked together since the development of Bowery’s first farm but today’s announcement is a strategic step forward given the proprietary nature of their work together.

 At Logiqs, we’ve always seen our customers as being the constant driving force behind all of our innovations. The partnership with Bowery is no different in this respect and we are extremely confident that the innovations that will originate from it will have a very positive impact on both organizations.

When Bowery Farming approached us 5 years ago to be their principal logistics automation integrator for their ambitious plans, we knew immediately that this would be the beginning of fantastic journey that could lead to a lot of much needed innovation in the field of vertical farming. In this short period of time, Bowery Farming has been able to take their ideas from concept to reality faster than many industry insiders would have thought possible.

After building their first “Proof of concept” farm in New Jersey, Bowery’s mission towards sustainable agriculture struck home with a lot of people and attracted enormous attention as well as prominent investors, allowing Bowery to move forward and build a second farm in New Jersey that’s 30 times as big as the first farm.

“Bowery’s rapid growth has directly impacted the development processes for hardware and software at Logiqs and we’re very optimistic about the impact this venture can have on the future of the global food chain.” said Logiqs CEO, Gert-Jan van Staalduinen.

The partnership is founded on a shared desire to address some of the most pressing issues in agriculture today including food supply, environmental degradation and food safety.

Bowery’s closed loop system, powered by its proprietary software BoweryOS, eliminates the need for pesticides, uses 95% less water, and is 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture.

Now Bowery’s expansion is happening at a faster pace than ever, moving fast toward their goal of democratizing access to fresh, local food.

Bowery has plans to build a global distributed network of farms connected to each other through BoweryOS, the brains of their system.

They are expected to open multiple farms in the coming years with work having already begun for the next farm outside the Tri-state area.

“We’re re-thinking the current agricultural system to address the needs of an ever-increasing population by growing the freshest, safest produce in a scalable network of indoor farms,” said Bowery’s Co-Founder and CEO Irving Fain. 

“Our partnership with Logiqs allows us to drive our mission forward by using innovations in technology to make high-quality produce available to the masses.”

The enthusiasm the Bowery team has for their mission is also very much shared by the team here at Logiqs and everyone is thrilled to be working together towards creating a more sustainable way of growing food locally.

We’re extremely proud to see our relationship with Bowery evolve to a Symbiotic one, that’s based both on the sharing of values as well as on a unique technical platform base and we’re very optimistic about the impact this venture can have on the future of the world food chain.


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