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Barendse Freesia wants to reduce the dependence on handicrafts and strives for more yield per square meter. That is why the company works with a closed three-layer cell

Currently only a small part of its turnover, but within ten years the entire nursery will be organized in this way. A considerable investment, but the grower certainly knows how to earn it back.

Initially, Dennis van Dijk of Logiqs explains, the idea was to leave the plants in place and switch the LED lamps on and off. ‘Lamps suffer the most from switching. So the system is now set up in such a way that the rows of tables go out or come back in every few hours.’

Barendse Freesia harvests about 350 ‘branches’, or freesia flower stems, per square meter of cultivation area in its greenhouses .

The flower grower from ‘s-Gravenzande grows up to 500 stems per square meter of cultivation area in the new, closed cell. Calculated per square meter of commercial space, it comes out much higher: 2,000 stems. After all, the 400 square meter cell contains three floors. 

The plants are grown in ten weeks, bathed half the time in the bright, violet LED light on which they grow best, and half in the dark. In addition, the temperature is a constant 15 degrees Celsius with a fairly high humidity, which approaches the Dutch weather of February-March, explains Matthieu Barendse.

The company, which Matthieu runs together with his brother Lex, does not invest in unnecessary decorum. The modern cultivation process, with which Dutch horticulture distinguishes itself worldwide with its high quality and yield, already looks breathtaking in itself. The greenhouses and also the closed cell offer an impressive sight of brightly lit, expansive greenery.

While the conversation takes place in the lunchroom, the glass offers a view of a group of young people (“students and schoolchildren”) preparing dark purple freesias for shipment. ‘I thought it would be quiet, but some urgent orders came in between’, explains Matthieu Barendse . Also present at the meeting is Dennis van Dijk , sales manager of Logiqs, which develops, integrates and installs logistics systems. This also applies to ‘vertical cultivation’, such as in the closed multi-layer cell that was completed this year for Barendse Freesia.

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