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About Bajaj Group

The Bajaj Group is in the top 10 of major companies in India. The company is active in various industries and makes cars, motorcycles, motorized tricycles, household appliances and lighting. It also deals with iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance.

The group’s flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is the world’s third largest engine manufacturer. The Bajaj brand is known in more than 70 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia.

Logiqs was asked to supply a fully automated iCUBE storage and retrieval system for the new parts warehouse.


The entire system in the new warehouse is controlled by the Logiqs Warehouse Control Software. The Logiqs WCS allows the user to perform complex movement tasks at night and prepare outgoing pallets for the next day. The software option can also be applied to the automatic sorting of pallets according to the validity date of the products stored on the pallets.

The 3D carriers are powered by highly efficient 120 Ah Li-Ion batteries. These have a quick charge time of 30 minutes and are charged using the charging locations in the aisles. They have a maximum continuous operating time of 6 hours.

The Logiqs lift has a lifting capacity of more than 2,000 kg. It can transport the 3D carrier and the pallet independently, but this can also be done at the same time.

Like the control of the 3D carriers, the lift is also controlled by the Logiqs WCS, which automatically makes the most efficient transport choices.

Bajaj is one of the early adapters of the iCube’s innovative automatic storage and processing system.

The Logiqs team is proud to have welcomed Bajaj as a customer and hopes to be able to cooperate with this beautiful company for years to come.

After sales services

Logiqs has its own experienced installation and service team in the Netherlands, but also works with reliable service employees in various other countries to avoid unnecessary installation and maintenance costs.

Our customers can count on fast and efficient attention to routine maintenance, breakdowns or emergency situations. Routine preventative maintenance can be tailored to the customer’s choice, with service intervals to meet the specific needs of the logistics system.

We provide our customers with full software support for the logistics systems we produce with our team of highly skilled PLC and software engineers and we provide complete software update and support packages to ensure continuity even after the system warranty period has expired.

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