LOGIQS is focused on having a positive impact for our customers, for our employees and business partners and on society as a whole.
Socially responsible entrepreneurship

In today’s ultra connected economy market, more and more companies become aware of the need of and benefits of a corporate social responsibility vision.

For LOGIQS corporate social responsibility and sustainability have been more than trend words, they are an integral part of the company. We believe that only through having a positive impact we can not move forward.

We focus on creating and perfecting a dynamic and enriching work environment for our employees, where each and everyone of our colleagues can use their skills and abilities to the maximum while being offered the possibility to develop within our organization.

We’re also continuously focusing on minimising the our company’s carbon footprint, and on creating truly reliable equipment  that has a long usage life.

Beyond that, we focus on creating lightweight designs with only high quality materials that are also highly recyclable.

Logiqs automation equipment stands the test of time!

We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the worlds most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.

Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!

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