The name Logiqs stands for Logistics Quality Systems.

With more than 40 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of internal transport and logistics systems for greenhouses, automated warehouses and vertical farms, our industry leading solutions help our customers to achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide marketplace.

Our company is active in tree main industries:

  • Horticulture

  • Hydroponic Vertical Farming

  • Warehouse automation

We advise, design, produce and install complete logistical systems that solve the logistics challenges our customers may have while offering an unprecedented level of control through our industry leading control and registration software.

By working closely together with our customers, we aim to always provide a highly reliable service as well as intelligent solutions for all logistics automation problems our customers encounter.

Our mission

Purposeful automation: Our aim is to design and build complete logistics systems that are modular, reliable and scalable.

This is very visible in our equipment design approach, where we’ve focused on reducing the number of needed machines while still increasing flexibility.

We’re responsible for countless innovations and industry firsts in logistics, vertical farming and automated warehousing and our focus has remained unchanged throughout the years: Deliver purposeful innovation that adds true value to our customers’ business.


We’ve delivered hundreds of fully automated rolling bench systems worldwide and worked with some of the worlds most successful growers of potted plants, orchids, young plants, bulb flowers, small trees, cut flowers, cress/microgreens and vegetables.

Well maintained systems installed by us more than 30 years ago are still in operation today!

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