45 years of Logiqs


JULI 2020

45 years of growing relationships; 45 years of logistics innovation; 45 years of Logiqs.

45 years ago, on July 1st, 1975, the Logiqs journey began, together with the founding of Intransit B.V. (our company’s initial name).
And even though, the company name and shareholders may have changed since then, we still look back at this date as the very beginning of our company.

At the start, the main goal of our company was to design and build innovative and reliable benching systems for potted plant growers, that add true value to the customers business.

This initial focus has held up very well throughout the years and has produced amazing results for our customers, with thousands of acres of Logiqs benching systems operational in greenhouses all over the world.

This success has allowed us to expand our area of expertise to serve a much wider range of growers as well as a couple of new industries.

Nowadays Logiqs is proud to support most horticulture crops grown in greenhouses as well as a large variety of hydroponic crops.

Our experience working with some of the most successful growers in the world encouraged us to also apply our know-how and expertise to the Vertical Farming industry. This amazing collaboration with our customers allowed us to quickly become one of the industry leaders and trendsetters in automated vertical farming.
Beyond greenhouse cultivation systems and Vertical Farming, we have also made incredible steps in warehouse automation by developing the innovative iCUBE Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

We are grateful to all of our wonderful customers and partners who have influenced us to get better, and we hope that we can continue to repay their trust in the coming decades.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all Logiqs team members that have devoted their time, energy, and passion to our common goals in the past 45 years.
Without these devoted and talented individuals, Logiqs could have not evolved into the company it is today.
We are extremely excited to think of the impact that our talented colleagues will have moving forward on the future of Logiqs, and on the future of horticulture, agriculture, and logistics.