Logiqs is proud to announce the upcoming implementation of it’s innovative 3D-Carriers in the brand new Refrigerated iCUBE Pallet Storage System built in collaboration with partners WICS Logistics and Storax - Ramada for internationally renowned Meat Processers: Raporal S.A. from Portugal.

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New Developments

The 2D-Shuttle is the most advanced shuttle that we have ever made. It's a whole new way of thinking in greenhouse automation delivering more flexibility for a smaller price tag.

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Logiqs has been developing shuttles for logistics use in Greenhouses for the last 5 years. We have now extended our line-up with a Shuttle developed specially for carrying pallets within large-scale storage and refrigeration warehouses.

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Dat-A-Planner is our solution for production planning. Dat-A-Planner gives the grower the possibility to easily put together a quality production plan, based on reliable information and well known growing schedules.

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Cultivate 2017 - Ohio

Logiqs B.V. will be present this year as well at the Cultivate 2017 Horticulture Fair in Ohio together with our North American dealer: Hove International. Visit us at Booth: 1724

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